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7 Interview Tips that Should Help You Get Hired.

If you already have a date for your interview, we suggest that you get prepared. Even if you have already had more interviews than you can remember, job interviewing is not going to become much easier. We suggest you learn about the company and do research. You should know what exactly the company is looking for in a new candidate, so you can keep up the conversation about your experience and what makes you a great fit for the position.

1. Prepare

Go through the list of the most common questions asked at the interviews; your answers should be to the point and concise. The answers also should be related to the position you are being interviewed for. The point is to convey the relevant information about yourself and how you can benefit the company.

2. Research

You should understand the key information about the company and the interviewer. Use in your research company’s website, social media, and other recent publications to stay on top of things.

It is important to find information about the company’s goals and values, as well as its history and culture.

3. Connect

As an addition to the research about the company, it is good if you can find some information about the interviewer. At least his / her name and use it during the interview. Overall, creating a personal connection with the interviewer should increase your chances of getting hired. There is a tendency to hire candidates who make a good impression and seem as a great fit to the culture of the company.

4. Be ready

Plan your interview outfit the night before. If there is a dress code in the company about which you found out from the conversation with the interviewer, make sure to dress accordingly. Planning these details ahead of time should spare you some time the day you have the interview. Also, make sure the outfit is neat and tidy. We recommend you to prepare extra copies of your CV and take a notepad and a pen with you. If your interview is online, make sure you have all the necessary technology ready.

5. Come early

Come to the interview 10 minutes before it starts and plan your schedule in advance. Map out the way to the office, so you will surely arrive at the interview on time. Use extra minutes to visit the restroom, check your outfit, and calm down.

6. Stay calm

At the time of the interview try to stay as calm as possible. Don’t forget that your body language says about you as much as your actual answers. Try to maintain eye contact with the interviewer when you are talking. Make sure to be attentive and listen to the interviewer, when they ask you questions. Take time to think about the answers to provide more elaborated replies. Avoid speaking negatively about your previous employers, focus on things you have learned rather than problematic situations.

7. Follow up

Ask about the next steps after the interview. Most likely there will be an email or phone call follow-up. When the interview is over, make sure to send a thank-you message to the interviewer. You can also add something if you forgot some details during the interview.

We are confident that the tips we have prepared will prove effective if you adhere to them. Also, thorough preparation should help you avoid unnecessary stress. Good luck with your next interview!




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