Choosing your career path: UI vs. UX Design

2 min readSep 20, 2021


This article will talk about the major differences between UI and UX to make it easier for you to choose your career path.

The most common design disciplines are UI and UX, along with the combined UI/UX design. Even though these disciplines are on everyone’s lips, one might not know the difference between UX and UI design. This article will talk about the major differences between UI and UX to make it easier for you to choose your career path.

UX is all about experience

UX design (user experience design) revolves around the users’ experience when they interact with a product. The main task of a UX designer takes place when a product just emerges; it focuses on defining the needs and wants of these users. UX designers zoom into how a product looks while denoting how this product influences the users’ experience. UX designers make design decisions based on the product’s functionality and what kind of feelings and behavior the implemented design will trigger.

UI is all about functionality and aesthetics

UI design (user interface design) revolves around a product’s function and look. UI designers deal with the visual representation of a product. As a rule, they use mockups and wireframes provided by a UX designer. Even though UI designers are mainly responsible for the appearance of a product, they still don’t neglect user experience. The most effective user experiences are the foundation for the most widespread design patterns. These patterns aim to create engagement, make interactions more comprehensive, and make digital products easier to use. Even if a UI designer is not so much concerned with user experience, they still implement defined design patterns and create good UX.

UX design processes

As a rule, the main part of UX designers’ work is done at the beginning of a project. Here are the main processes UX designers deal with:

  • Carrying out user research to understand the needs and wants of a typical user in relation to the type of digital product they are developing.
  • Developing an approach that can be implemented for the design of the product.
  • Outlining wireframes and prototypes to curate the design of the user interface.

UI design processes

Often the work of UI designers starts after a UX designer prepares the prototypes and wireframes. These are the main processes involved in a UI designer’s practice:

  • Creating the ready designs according to the wireframes and prototypes.
  • Collaborating with both the UX designer and engineering team to facilitate design functions that correspond to the user’s needs and wants.
  • Creating a responsive design that looks appropriate regardless of screen size.

No matter the career path you decide to follow, understanding the roles and responsibilities for both UX and UI can facilitate future success and opportunities. Check out our other posts to learn more about UI/UX design.




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