Introducing Dapps: a Breakthrough in the Crypto Space

2 min readNov 23, 2021
Let us introduce you to Dapps and give you an overview of what these are and how they work.

Let us introduce you to Dapps and give you an overview of what these are and how they work.

The term “Dapp” stands for a decentralized app. Similar to regular apps, they have the same functions apart from the main difference — they run on a blockchain, a peer-to-peer network. It implies that no entity or person has control over the network. There are key elements to every Dapp, namely:

  • Dapps are open-source, and they operate independently without third-party control
  • Dapps’ records and data are meant to be public
  • Dapps utilize cryptographic tokens that facilitate the network’s security

As the industry has matured, these features are either used all together, some of them, a combination of, or none by these apps.

The advantages of Dapps

  • Dapps are censorship-resistant. Neither governments nor people of power can control the network.
  • There is no downtime. In case individual computers or parts of the network go down, Dapps continue to work as they rely on a peer-to-peer system.
  • Dapps are blockchain-based. Because these apps use smart contracts, it is relatively easy to integrate cryptocurrencies into Dapp’s functionality.
  • Dapps are open-source. This instance facilitates the development of the Dapp ecosystem, as developers are enabled to create dapps with more interesting or useful functions.

The disadvantages of Dapps

  • Dapps are prone to hacking. Since the larger part of Dapps runs on open-source smart contracts, hackers have an opportunity to probe the networks for vulnerabilities.
  • Some Dapps have issues with usability. Many Dapps have weak user interfaces that repel users. This aspect is improving with time, as far as we can tell.
  • Dapps struggle with low user numbers. This instance makes Dapps less interactive. Just like numerous apps in Web 2.0, the more people use a Dapp, the more effective the network is at providing its services. It also affects a Dapp’s security, as it depends on the number of users who use a Dapp.

The potential of Dapps

Dapps are still in their infancy. Nevertheless, thousands of Dapps already exist and offer a wide array of services. Last year, Dapp transaction volume hit 12 billion dollars. Nevertheless, there is still a long way ahead, but more and more companies contact 42 Studio to receive blockchain marketing services. Prior to launching a Dapp, developers face numerous challenges, namely, security, scalability, and UX.




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